Minha configuração atual é boa?

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Processador: Intel Core2quad Q9400 2.66ghz
Placa mãe: Asus p5g41t-m lx2/br
Vga: Nvidia Geforce 9800gt 1gb Ddr3
Ram: 8GB ddr3 1066
HD: 2 tera samsung
Fonte: Seventeam 550w Reais
DVDRW: Samsung
Gabinente: Atx Haf932 Haf Cooler Master
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Como já foi dito depende da sua necessidade, core 2 quad são ótimos processadores e rendem muito em desempenho.

Mais como o mundo da informatica e dos hardwares não param de crescer, com a chega do sandy bridge o padrão básico certamente começara a ser os processadores de socket 1156,( já que os de socket 1366 ainda são caros)
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Depende. Você utiliza o computador para que?
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Boa configuração. Para minhas necessidades está de bom tamanho. É verdade que não utilizo jogos. Para isto os outros colegas gamers podem esclarecer melhor.
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Review by J. R. Caley for Rating: I'm assuming I don't need to say much to Apple afaiconidos. This review is aimed at people who are considering making the big leap from Windows world into Mac land.I was in that situation 3 weeks ago and was increasingly fed up with  (Not Responding)  appearing in the title bar whenever I made a totally unreasonable request such as Open a document, reply to an email or open My Computer.  The reviews for the 13  MacBook Pro were good, Amazon had the best price so I took the plunge.Let me get the negatives out of the way first.  This is a quality piece of kit, but you have to pay for that quality and some people will doubtless consider the price too high, bearing in mind that you could buy two Windows laptops for the price of one of these   and with better specs in terms of processors, hard drive capacities and optical drives (e.g. Bluray with video-out capability).  Also, the touch-pad takes some getting used to in that there are no buttons at all, so you have to learn a whole new way of pointing, scrolling, clicking and right-clicking involving various combinations of finger pressure, which aren't always recognised and can get irritating.  The easy solution is to plug in a mouse.  And that leads to my final minor beef   there are only two USB ports, both on the left hand side, meaning that if you do plug a mouse in, the socket is on the wrong side for right-handed people and you then only have one port left.But enough of all that.  As soon as you open the box and see the quality of finish and attention to detail, you know you've just bought something special.  And then the first pleasant surprise for Windows users   you switch it on and within 10 seconds its booted up and ready to go! (Similarly, when you want it to sleep, restart, or shutdown, it just does it. Immediately. Without any Space Odyssey Hal-style  I'm sorry I can't do that  drama!) The setup and registration process is very simple, it found my wireless router with the minimum of fuss, and then it was time to start exploring and have some fun.I should say that I also purchased the iWorks package along with the MacBook. I'm not going to review that here other than to say that it works, it does what its told, it handles mixed text and graphics documents beautifully, and it doesn't inexplicably die on you without warning!  My intended usage for my new toy is mainly leisure: email, browsing, photography and music.  All my old MS Office documents will stay on my networked desktop and laptop.Nothing much to say about browsing. The Safari browser works like any other tabbed browser   maybe more akin to Firefox or Chrome than IE.  Suffice to say it has never crashed on me once.Email is easy to set up initially and I found the simplest way to import my Outlook/Windows Mail address book was to import it into gMail and then export it from there in Apple format.  The one snag I had was setting up an extra POP3 account because I have two email addresses.  Unlike in Windows Mail it wasn't easy to find out where the `Add new account' button was. I found it eventually, but couldn't tell you now how!  As for using Mail   it works. Messages are displayed on a preview pane, or you can click on them to open in a new window (which happens straightaway   unlike my previous experience where often a mail would not open at all until you opened or refreshed your web browser for some bizarre reason).  The other nice touch is attachments, which you can open normally or view via `Quick Look', which does exactly what it says, enabling you to see a document or spreadsheet instantaneously rather than wait for an Office application to grind into action.Mention plug'n'play to a Windows user and you will get a wry grin.  There was a steady improvement in functionality up to XP (which still wasn't exactly quick), then Vista came along with a huge leap backwards.  Plugging a digital camera or mp3 player which it hadn't encountered before into my Vista laptop would cause it to go off into a nightmare routine of `Windows has found a new device', `searching for drivers', `installing new USB device', `installing new disk drive', etc., which could literally last up to 30 minutes.I plugged my Canon Ixus camera into my MacBook.  The iPhoto application, which comes bundled with the machine, fired up after a couple of seconds.  Five seconds later, `Canon Ixus Digital Camera' popped up in the directory, the pictures on the camera appeared on screen, ordered by date taken, and it asked me which I wanted to import. I nearly fainted with delight!Exactly the same thing happened when I plugged in my Sony mp3 player.  The device was recognised, iTunes opened and transferring music files in and out was simplicity itself.What else?  It found my wireless network printer with no fuss and worked first time.  It is the quietest desktop or laptop I have ever owned.  Sound quality through the built-in speakers is surprisingly good and certainly better than the tinny noise from any previous laptop I've had.  Had no problems with battery life, although obviously it drains quicker if you are using wifi or watching DVDs for example. Picture quality is great on the bright screen. Keyboard is smooth, responsive and backlit. This is a laptop which you can use on your lap without it burning a hole in your trousers.  It is cool in all senses of the word   buy one! [url=]oqihknzmthf[/url] [link=]yjwtwhli[/link]
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O processador deixa a deseja, já existem melhores!
respondida 10 anos atrás por Patrick Santos Avançado (1,920 pontos)
A pergunta foi feita a 1 ano.
E porque eu gosto de responde as perguntas, rsrsrs...
Quero tira seu trono de 1° lugar no RANKING DE USUARIOS.
Brincadeira. rsrs... mas quero fica entre os primeiros.
Um dia eu chego lá. hehe...
Eu estou nessa posição inevitavelmente, ja que desde o inicio do forum estou por aqui respondendo questões. Nunca liguei para isso *-* .
E eu estou por aqui somente pouco mais de 1 mês!
Alias eu já sou fãn do site!
Será que eu alcanço voçê?
Quem sabe, responder um bom numero de questões e ter suas respostas selecionadas como melhor, vc pode chegar la. O mais importante não é a quantidade de respostas e sim a qualidade das mesmas.
Bom dia senhores: ha um ano atrás eu tinha esta configuração:

Processador: Intel Core2quad Q9400 2.66ghz
 Placa mãe: Asus p5g41t-m lx2/br
 Vga: Nvidia Geforce 9800gt 1gb Ddr3
 Ram: 8GB ddr3 1066
HD: 2 tera samsung
 Fonte: Seventeam 550w Reais
 DVDRW: Samsung
 Gabinente: Atx Haf932 Haf Cooler Master....

Mas resolvi mudar para esta aki:

Gabinente: Atx Haf932 Haf Cooler Master
Processador: Intel Core I5 760 2.8ghz
Placa mãe: Asus P7h55m/br
Vga: Geforce Gtx460 1gb 256bits Evga
Ram: corsair 8gb 2x4gb 1600 Mhz
HD: 2 tera samsung
Fonte: Corsair 750w Reais!!!

muito melhor... obrigado por responderem e comentarem... continuem pois existem algumas pessoas, que ainda tem configuração parecida com esta.
Agora sim, o pc tá maquina!
Cara quanto vc vai gastar nela? O i5 760 é muito bom (tenho um e sei bem disso), agora vc poderia optar por um sandy  I5 2500, a não ser que o custo da maquina citada a cima esteja valendo apena. a Fonte ate uma de 650w seguraria bons upgrades.

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